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Algist Bruggeman produces baker's yeast for both traditional and industrial bakeries and for the private homebaker. The baker's yeast is sold in fresh, liquid or dry form. In addition to that, we also have ingredients and improvers in our range. We are a Belgian company, situated in the Ghent Canal area.


Algist Bruggeman's success is based on the daily commitment of all our employees, the confidence of tens of thousands of bakers all over the world and the permanent efforts of our salespeople, distributors and their assistants.



Molasses for Food and feed
The European Commission has recently proposed to encourage the use of molasses in biofuels. But by promoting its use for biofuels, only few or no molasses will be available for human food and animal feed. A bad evolution for yeast producers: molasses is an important raw material for the production of yeast.
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Algist Bruggeman launches pre-cut 1kg block yeast

As of August 2017 the 1kg block yeasts will be pre-cut. The cutting is done during production by using a cutting wire. It allows the baker to easily break the yeast in 2 blocks of 500g.


The pre-cutting is done for Bruggeman+ yeast 10x1kg, Freeze Tolerant (FT) yeast 10x1kg and 3x1kg FT yeast.

On the pacakging a small icon illustrates how the baker can easily break the yeast lenghtwise: in a trice 1 kg become 2 x 500 grams!

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