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Mini yeast cubes (42g)


42g Zonder kader 180p

The Bruggeman Mini yeast cubes are widely known and have exactly the same functional characteristics as our professional baker's yeast.

The practical cubes packed in 42 g portions are very easy to handle and allow simple dosing. The Mini yeast yields excellent results in your breadmaker and is on sale in all major supermarkets in the Benelux.

See also our “Home bakers” page for FAQs and recipes.

Bruggeman Mini yeast will keep for 4 weeks when stored refrigerated at 4 to 5 °C. Never keep the yeast too warm, as it will be activated too quickly, resulting in loss of rising power.

Bruggeman Instant gist (11g.)

These tiny 11-gramme bags are most convenient for home bakers and assure a long shelf life as well. They have exactly the same functional characteristics as the Bruggeman Instant Yeast for professional bakers and produce excellent results in your breadmaker.

Bruggeman Instant Yeast is on sale in most supermarkets in the Benelux countries.